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Welcome to ISAE

Welcome to ISAE

Brief About President

Dr. Shyam Narayan Jha

Greetings to all the members of the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers.

Dr. Shyam Narayan Jha has been working in ICAR since 30 years at various capacities, including Head of Department, Project Coordinator of All India Coordinated Research Project on Post-harvest Engineering and Technology, Director (A) at ICAR-CIPHET Ludhiana and ADG (Process Engineering) for about six years. He is responsible for all activities of Post- harvest and Food Process Engineering aspects of ICAR.



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    Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

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    Dr. Jaskarn Singh Mahal


    director_fmp@isae.in jsmahal@pau.edu


    Soil and Water Engineering

    Soil and water are the most valuable resources for survival of life on the earth. The soil and water engineers provide the service to the society in conserving these vital resources as they have the expertise in the interaction among soil, plant and water. Applied engineering, design and analytical skills of SW engineers indeed helpful in irrigation system and management, watershed management, climate change, modelling of hydrological processes and many others. The ISAE provides plate form to such engineers to share their experiences, achievements and technologies to other professionals and also learn from them. I invite you to join us in dissemination of relevant technology and knowhow for strengthening the relationship between society, science and technology.

    Dr. Manoranjan Kumar


    director_swe@isae.in manocrida75@gmail.com


    Processing, Dairy and Food Engineering

    Greetings to all members of the ISAE. The food processing and dairy sector is passing through rapid transformation and the agricultural engineers of the country have a great responsibility to be the drivers of the change. I look forward to more active participation and contribution from all of you, the senior torch bearers of the profession, young scientists, scholars and students, for strengthening the Society and the Profession.

    Prof. Sanjaya K Dash


    director_swe@isae.in skdash1006@gmail.com


    Energy & Other area

    Renewable energy comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. It is booming, as innovation brings down costs and starts to deliver on the promise of a clean energy future.Renewable resources are becoming a more important power sources and their use continues to grow. Solar, biomass and wind energy play a pivoted role in India among other renewable energy sources. Energy auditing and energy conservation measures are also equally important as energy saving is equal to energy production

    Dr. Shyam Sunder Kapdi


    director_eo@isae.in ss_kapdi@rediffmail.com



    10 April, 2021

    Seminar organized by Retired Agril Engineers with ISAE

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    20 May, 2020

    ISAE Webinar 2.0

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    55th Annual Convention of  Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers Date: November 23-25, 2021  Venue: Patna,Bihar, Organized By  IndianSociety of AgriculturalEngineers, New Delhi& Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar

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