Soil and Water Engineering

Soil and water are the two basic natural resources that sustain life on the Earth. The soil, plant and water interactions are pivotal to enhance productivity to meet the challenge of food security. The soil and water engineers (SWE) play an important role in understanding and quantifying these interactions and to present solutions to optimize the performance. The knowledge of these interactions and nature with the SWE makes them experts in the field of irrigation water management, watershed management, water resources management, climate change, climate control production systems, hydrology and its modelling etc. The ISAE is a national platform to these SWE to interact and share their experiences, achievements and latest technological developments in this field. I therefore look forward to your active participation in this platform. Your active role will be very much useful to disseminate the technological developments and discussing the problems to find meaningful solutions to the relevant issues.

Information of Director


B.C. Kusre