ISAE Fellow Eligibility

ISAE FELLOW – will be awarded to any Life Member fulfilling following criteria. The candidates may be recommended by any two ISAE Fellows:

  1. Life Member of ISAE for 15 years.
  2. Contributions made to ISAE in various capacities include significant contributions made as executive committee/council member of ISAE and its Chapters, editors of ISAE publications, reviewer of journal articles, organizing national/regional conventions, enrolling large membership, improving financial position of ISAE, presiding over ISAE committee nominated by ISAE Executive Committee for its various activities and/or any other significant contributions made to further the goals of ISAE as professional body in any of the thematic areas at state, national or international level.
  3. Outstanding Professional contribution in one of the following area:
    • Education: Establishment/improvement of Agricultural Engineering education in India to be judged on the basis of establishment of new Agricultural Engineering Institution, design of new courses & contents, guidance to Ph.D. and Masters students leading to recognition of students thesis at national/international level.
    • Research: Pioneering research contribution that led to greater recognition to Agricultural Engineering Profession to be judged on the basis of quality of research publications in highly rated research journals, citation index, recognitions of research by national/international bodies, patents, product development & commercialization, evidence of adoption of research outcome by stakeholders including farmers.
    • Field/Extension:Pioneering  efforts  in  field  applications  of  Agricultural  Engineering technologies leading to mass adoption to be judged on the basis of supporting evidence of (a) introduction of new implements and tools technology with large scale adoption, or (b) introduction of innovative land water management treatments leading on large scale area treatment for soil moisture security, or (c) introduction of innovative irrigation system leading to mass adoption with evidence of enhanced water productivity, or (d) introduction of innovative energy gadgets leading to mass energy conservation as evidenced from local government reports, or (e) introduction of any post-harvest, processing, value addition technology and mass scale adoption by users as evidenced from market penetration of such products.
    • Industry: Corporate Member with pioneering efforts in establishment of industry in any recognized field of agricultural engineering that led to large scale employment of agricultural engineers and making available quality commercial product of international standards to Indian farmers/consumers. Annual doestic sale and export record. Industry should be at least 15 year old and shuld have been recognized by central/state Government and evidence of consumer acceptance for its quality product and services to farmers.

Note: Very senior Agricultural Engineers or Engineers with long experience with outstanding contribution in any field of Agricultural Engineering who could not become Member of ISAE for some reason should be eligible for awarding ‘ISAE Fellow/Honorary Fellow” and may be exempted from (b) above on Membership duration criteria. Non Engineers who have made significant contribution to profession of Agricultural Engineering may be awarded with Honorary Fellow’. These decisions shall be exclusively made by the President ISAE with approval of Executive Committee and should be considered only in exceptionally deserving cases.