Role of Chapters

For furtherance of the mission and objects of the Society, the Council may, in response to requests addressed to the President, approve establishment of chapters to serve specified geographical areas. Such requests shall be signed by at least 10 members of the Society normally residing in or employed within the geographical limits proposed for the Chapter. Within a year’s time, the membership in a chapter should be increased to at least 20.

The chapters shall have an Executive Board comprising the following and shall be in office for two years from the date of election.

ChairmanVice-ChairmanSecretaryJoint Secretary-cum-TreasurerCouncillors

Each Chapter shall conduct its affairs in accordance with these present, the Chapter may form their own Bye-laws. However, the Bye-laws of a Chapter shall not contravene the provisions of these presents and shall come into effect only after they have been approved by the Executive Committee of the Society.
The Chairman of the Chapter shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Council of the Society.
The Secretary of the Chapter shall forward to Secretary General of the Society, reports of all its meetings and also audited financial statement at the end of each financial year of the Society.
The Chapters will be qualified to obtain grant from the Society Headquarter in the form of: (a) 10% of the subscription of membership fee and 50% of the admission fee from new members belonging to the place of location/region covered by the Chapter, (b) 25% of the amount collected for the advertisements for the various publication of the Society, and (c) 10% discount on the sale of the publications of the Society.
The decisions and directions of the Executive Committee shall have to be followed by the Chapters.
The Chapters shall deposit with the Society 50% of the annual savings arising from workshops, seminars, symposia, donations, etc.
The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, close a Chapter after giving it a notice of three months and considering any explanation which the Chapter may tender, on account of any one of the following reasons: (a) Failure of the Chapter to maintain at least 10 members in good standing. (b) Failure of the Chapter to hold at least 2 meetings each year, (c) Failure to submit audited account and annual statement of the activities for 2 consecutive years, (d) Any activity declared by the Council as detrimental to the interest of the Society.
All grants to/from foreign/international organizations to the Chapters shall be channelized through the Society.