Privileges upon becoming ISAE Life Member

  1. To attend and vote in all annual general body meetings 
  2. To introduce and second a candidate for any category of membership
  3. To move resolutions for any change in the annual general body meetings.
  4. To receive soft copy of publication(s) of the Society (Journals of Agricultural Engineering/ Agricultural Engineering Today/ E News either free or at a reduced prices
  5. To have access to the library and other facilities of the Society
  6. To hold any office of the Society on being duly elected/nominated
  7. Reduced registration fees for attending conventions/ symposia etc. organized by the Society
  8. Entitled to use, after their name, the abbreviated designation as LMISAE
  9. May apply free of cost for job opening on ISAE website
  10. Enrichment of biodata mentioning membership, so better job opportunity
  11. Updating knowledge through society publications for better interview in job search
  12. Members can also publish their thoughts and work in the society journals
  13. Members can apply for any awards of the society and get their biodata further enriched
  14. Interested member can  get consultancy/contract research  work through society
  15. Society also contributes to deserving member in their travel expenses for presentations
  16. There is a sense of belongings and common causes can be raised through the  society
  17. Develop networking with learned members of ISAE society