ISAE Gold Medal Eligibility

1 award per year, maximum 2 in exceptional case

ISAE Gold Medal is for lifetime achievements of a Life member; and carries a Gold medal, citation, certificate and a memento. It shall be awarded annually fulfilling the following criteria of selection:
1) Life member of the Society for 20 years, or ISAE FELLOW for 8 years,
2) Outstanding contributions made in one or more of the following areas:
i. Contribution(s) to the Society as member of ISAE Executive Committee/ ISAE Council/ Chapter, Editor of ISAE publications, reviewer of journal articles, organizing national/ regional Conventions of the Society, enrolling significantly large members, employing large number of Agricultural engineering graduates, improving financial position of the Society, presiding over committee nominated by the Society, and any other significant contributions made to the Society to support its mandate at national/international level,
ii. Education: Establishment/ improvement of agricultural engineering education in India through establishment of new agricultural engineering Institution, design of new courses and contents, guidance to Ph.D. and Masters student in India leading to national/international award on thesis/ teacher contribution/ receipt of fellowship and admissions in foreign universities.
iii. Research: Pioneering research contribution that led to greater recognition to agricultural engineering profession; to be judged on the basis of relevant parameter(s) as quality of research publications in research journals, citation index, recognition of research by national/ international bodies, patents, product development and commercialization, adoption of research outcome by stakeholders,
iv. Entrepreneurship development: Pioneering efforts in establishment of new industry/ start-up related to agricultural engineering sector and based on innovative ideas that led to generation of employment opportunities to large number of agricultural engineers and enhancement of the image of agricultural engineering profession.
v. Industry: Owner of the company that is a corporate member (15 years or more in good standing) with pioneering efforts in establishment of industry (recognized by Central/ State Government agencies) that led to large-scale employment of agricultural engineers, and making available quality commercial product of international standards to Indian farmers. The performance is to be judged on the basis of number of agricultural engineers on roll, product market shares in Indian market, annual domestic sale /export.
vi. Extension: Pioneering efforts in field applications of agricultural engineering technologies leading to identifiable mass adoption to be judged on the basis of supporting evidence in any of the following
(a) introduction of new implement/tool with large-scale adoption,
(b) introduction of innovative land water management treatments leading on largescale area treatment for soil moisture security,
(c) introduction of innovative irrigation system leading to mass adoption with evidenceof enhanced water productivity,
(d) significant proven livelihood enhancement through extension activities of the member.
(e) introduction of innovative energy gadget/technology/conservation measures leading to mass energy conservation as evidenced from local government reports,
(f) introduction of post-harvest/ processing/ value addition technology and mass scale adoption by users as evidenced from market penetration of such products
The candidate should be nominated by two ISAE Gold medalists or two past Presidents. If nominee’s contributions are not distinctly visible/achievements are not up to mark, award shall not be given.