Other Awards


Will be awarded to any Life Member fulfilling following criteria:

  • Member in good standing /Life member of ISAE for 10 years
  • Recommendation by Head of the organization/ISAE chapter certifying the validity of claims made by candidate
  • Contribution of candidate in any one of the discipline i.e. (a) Farm Power & Machinery (b) Soil & Water Conservation Engineering/ Irrigation & Drainage Engineering (c) Energy in Agriculture (d) Post harvest, process and food engineering along with supporting evidence in one of the following thematic fields.
    • Development of innovative technology leading to mass adoption including information technology in agriculture
    • Field application of technology leading to enhancing productivity of soil/water/energy/crop/livestock
    • Industrial production, quality control and services to users including training, demonstrations and field services
    • Introduction of new course curricula with design and contents and/or introduction of innovative method of teaching/learning.


Merit Certificates in the similar fields as mentioned in COMMENDATION MEDAL FOR PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS above are awarded to the Life Members fulfilling the following criteria:

  • ISAE Member of good standing/ Life member for 5 years
  • Recommendation by Head of organization/ISAE chapter
  • Professional Services to ISAE in any of the following areas with supporting evidences:
    • Enrollment of 20 or more ISAE Life Members in one year
    • Generating significant finances to ISAE
    • Organizing local/regional/national seminars under umbrella of ISAE
    • Providing  Agricultural   Engineering Services in the state under ISAE Chapter
    • Promotion  of   Agricultural  Engineering Profession at political and bureaucratic system at state, national and international level.

Women professionals/Engineers working in State or Central Government /Professionals working in Industry. All three category will be adjudged separately.


To be awarded to those Engineers/Scientists fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Team leader must be Life Member of ISAE for 10 years.
  • Interdisciplinary team work lead by Agricultural Engineer.
  • Significant contributions of team in research, teaching, extension, industries or field application as evidenced from published literature, innovative products and patents, adoptions levels of technology in any one of the disciplines of agricultural engineering leading to enhanced productivity, economic use of resources and improving economics of agriculture.


To be awarded to author(s) for good quality books in any area of Agricultural Engineering. First edition of the book published and in circulation prior to 2020 will only be considered. Authors must fulfill the following criteria:

  • First Author must be ISAE Life Member.
  • Original book authored on topic of agricultural engineering (iii) Importance of theme and quality of contents.
  • Organization of chapters, scientific editing and language.
  • Foreword by distinguished experts and their views on contents
  • Meeting expectations of desired audience/readers of book
  • Edited books may not be considered for this award.


To be awarded to any Under-Graduate or Post-Graduate student who is a Member of ISAE, and his/her paper is judged as the best paper based on the content, quality and presentation, by a panel of jury. Only the papers presented during the forthcoming 55th Annual Convention of ISAE being held in October, 2021 will be considered for this Award. The papers should preferably be by an individual student. The length of an Under-Graduate Student Paper shall not exceed 2000 words and that of Post-Graduate Student 3000 words. Best UG/PG student selected for this award will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- by ISAE.


To be awarded to the Members for the (a) best student paper and (b) best professional paper presented in the area of drip irrigation during each Annual Convention. The papers should preferably not exceed 3000 words.


To be awarded to the best ISAE Chapter based on following criteria:

  • ISAE chapter that hosted previous Annual Convention shall be given top priority for this award in recognition of quantum of efforts put in by the chapter in organizing ISAE convention and mobilizing funds for ISAE.
  • (ii) Other ISAE chapters may also be considered for award if they have organized regional conventions under umbrella of ISAE on mandated themes and also generated significant finances for ISAE.

ISAE-TAFE Student Gold Medal Award

Only ISAE Life members/student members with specialization in Farm Machinery and Power (Thesis/Dissertation should be related to Farm Mechanization). It must have been submitted during calendar years 2018 to 2020. The candidates should submit only Extended Abstract (not more than 4 pages in Times New Roman, Font 12). They should also submit soft copies of papers published/accepted for publication. From a College/Department, only one candidate be recommended each from B.E./B.Tech. M.Tech., and Ph.D. category. The application must be certified by the Dean/Head of the College/Department.