About ISAE

The Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) was established in 1960 and is a registered society under the society registration act 1860 (Registration No. 4027) and amended time to time. It has over six decades of Glorious legacies in its lap and has served the country and fraternity with full sincerity and humility and the same was effectively felt by the whole nation during COVID 2019 pandemic. The society has grown fabulously about six thousand members with thirty-six chapters covering pan India to several overseas countries contributing in mainly in, but not limited to, following fields of Agricultural Engineering:

  1. Farm machinery and Power
  2. Soil and Water Engineering
  3. Agricultural Structures & Process Engineering
  4. Energy and Bioengineering

The mission of the Society is to promote sustainable development of Agricultural and Biological systems through Engineering and Technological interventions.

The objectives of the Society are to promote the science and art of engineering and technology in agriculture, natural resources management, environment, energy, food and biological systems through various interventions.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To encourage research, foster education and advance the engineering standard in agriculture,
  2. To provide consultancy and testing services; and develop standards for agricultural engineering sector, including present day developments,
  3. To promote the association of agricultural engineers with scientists and technologists of other disciplines, corporates, industries, line departments; Farmers Producer Organizations (FPO’s) and start-ups, etc.,
  4. To coordinate with national and international organizations,
  5. To develop policy papers and briefs related to agricultural engineering and technology; and
  6. To publish research journals/popular magazines/periodicals/technical bulletins/ reports/ success stories of development, introduction and adoption of new agricultural engineering technologies, industry related materials and their overall impact.
  7. To establish mutually beneficial cooperation and working relationship with other professional Societies in India and abroad.
  8. To sponsor or hold scientific symposia, meetings, conferences, institute-industry interfaces, and to provide forums for presenting and discussing issues on education, research, technology development and transfer related to the engineering profession in India and abroad.
  9. The Society may adopt/endorse any technical report, standard, code, formula, and brand for betterment of business related to objectives of the Society; and shall forbid the use of its name, emblem or initial to indicate official or implied approval of any commercial work or business, except to indicate any conformity with its standards or recommended practices.
  10. The Society encourages professional development and sense of belonging among its members.

The ISAE has been recognized by several institutions, associations not only in the country but has memorandum of understanding with several similar overseas scientific societies and associations. It is an active member of CIGR too. It is now effectively contributing not only to education and research but also to industries, public and private sectors and supporting and advocating policy framing in the field of Agricultural Engineering to Govt. of India and its states functionaries.