About ISAE

The Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers was established in 1960. Agricultural Engineering, involves application of engineering to production, processing, preservation and handling of food, feed and fiber. It also includes the transfer of engineering technology for the development and welfare of rural areas and masses. The major fields of Agricultural Engineering are:

  • Farm Machinery and Power Engineering
  • Soil and Water Engineering
  • Processing, Dairy and Food Engineering
  • Energy & other Areas

In order to organize workshops, conferences, seminars and symposia to discuss specific problems of a Region/State by bringing together the members of the ISAE, it was decided to promote the establishment of ISAE chapters on regional basis. Consequently, some ISAE chapters were established and are functioning in different regions. Enquiries are made, from time to time, by the ISAE members to establish an ISAE chapter at a specific location or in region. and Society will continue to encourage the establishment of ISAE chapters at different locations/regions.

Objectives of ISAE:

To strengthen the Society by promoting programmes of professional interest.

To facilitate larger participation of the members in professional activities and ensure continuity in membership.

To organize regional conferences, seminars and symposia on topics of current interest.

To prepare special study reports related to Agricultural Engineering as applicable to a region.

To disseminate information about Agricultural Engineering programmes and employment.