Mason Vaugh Agricultural Engineering Pioneer Award Eligibility

This award is the highest recognition by the Society. It will be awarded to the members fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Life Member of ISAE for 25 years ISAE Fellow
  • ISAE Gold Medalist
  • Oustanding Professional contributions in one or more of the following areas:
    • Establishment/improvement of Agricultural Engineering Education in India
    • Pioneering research contributions that led to greater recognition to Agricultural Engineering Profession
    • Pioneering efforts in field applications of Agricultural Engineering technologies leading to mass adoption by industries/farmers.
    • Pioneering efforts made by Industry/Corporate Member in industrial sector of any recognized field of agricultural engineering with large scale employment of agricultural engineers and making available quality commercial product of international standards to Indian farmers.

Nominations for this award are required to be sent directly to the President, ISAE. Only Gold Medalists & Past Presidents can nominate the candidates for this award.