Prof. Gajendra Singh ISAE Education Gold Medal Award Eligibility

In order to promote the spirit of learning and teaching on agricultural food, and / or biological systems with sustained efforts and impact of the nominee’s life long dedication, an ISAE Gold Medal in the name of Prof. Gajendra Singh is constituted out of the generous donation to the ISAE by Prof. Gajendra Singh.

The purpose of the award is to honor a distinguished member of ISAE whose dedication to the spirit of learning and teaching in the subject matter areas encompassed by ISAE members has advanced our knowledge and practice, and whose efforts serve as an inspiration to others.  Prof. Gajendra Singh ISAE Education Gold Medal Award will be considered ISAE premier award to recognize education, outreach, and engagement. This Gold Medal will serve as a tribute to a pioneer teacher, innovator, agricultural machinery manufacturer, researcher, Extension Worker whose unique educational approaches made a lasting contribution to national and worldwide agricultural engineering development. Prof. Gajendra Singh ISAE Education Gold Medal nominees are solicited whose career and accomplishments represent the highest levels of achievement in education, outreach, and/or technology transfer in one or more of the subject matters associated with ISAE.

Award Criteria 

The principal contributions for determining the recipient of the award will be based on:

  • The degree to which human performance and progress in food, agricultural, and biological systems have been significantly improved by their educational efforts.
  • Quality and performance of staff(s) or students developed and/or influenced.
  • Quality and contribution of educational concepts and programs developed.
  • Quality of and contributions to education literature and communications.
  • Contributions to activities of ISAE and other professional societies relevant to education, outreach, and professional development.


A gold medal and a citation will be presented to the recipient


The conditions of eligibility are enumerated below:

  • The recipient may be a citizen of any country who has contributed significantly in raising agricultural engineering education standard in India. Also, he/she must be life member of ISAE. 
  • The recipient shall be (or have been) associated with a significant program in educational institution, government, industry or privately endowed foundations.
  • The educational contribution being recognized must be proved to be soundly founded and reflect the individual’s professional maturity.
  • The recipient, at the time of their nomination, shall be living and willing to be present in person to receive the award.

Note:  Only ISAE Fellows, Gold Medalists & Past Presidents can nominate the candidates for this award.