Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

The adoption of agricultural mechanization in India is increasing continuously. Amidst growing concerns about man power availability and shrinking profitability of agriculture as enterprise, the need has been felt for appropriate, affordable and energy efficient equipment and technology for cost effective production and processing of crops focused at increased yield, reduced cost of cultivation, prevention of losses and value addition through location specific management practices. Farm mechanization in India has come a long way during the last 60 years and still there is tremendous scope. As demand for farm mechanization is escalating and it is almost becoming the today’s farm necessity, mechanization has come to centre stage with the globalization of world markets. ISAE emphasizes on development and adoption of new and cutting edge sensor-based precision engineering solutions like variable rate applicator, IoT, robotics, drone enabled technologies, big data analytics and block chain technology. With the promotion of startups dealing with agricultural engineering technologies and CHC, the country is truly moving towards Atma Nirbhar Agriculture.

Information of Director


Dr. T. Senthilkumar