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Title Anaerobic Digestion of Pre-treated Maize Cob for Enhanced Biogas Production
Author Name Mythili Rangasamy

Maize cob is a ligno-cellulosic wastes available in India. In the present study, properties of maize cob were determined as per standard test methods. Based on the values, maize cob was pre-treated with potassium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and phosphoric acid in 1, 2, 3%v/v concentrations for 24 h. Pre-treatment with 3%v/v potassium hydroxide was effective in enhancing the availability of cellulose (57%). Anaerobic digestion of the alkali pre-treated maize cob showed potential of enhanced methane generation (0.0202 m3 .kg-1 of TS) by three times using the conventional cow dung slurry as inoculum source. The bio-digested slurry contained (nitrogen (0.04 – 0.07%), and phosphorus (0.012 – 0.02%) and , potassium (0.01 – 0.03%)) macro-nutrients, and proved to have potential of use as organic manure.

Keyword Maize cob , pre- treatment , potassium hydroxide , anaerobic digestion , bio- digested slurry ,
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