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Title Effect of Radio Frequency Low Pressure Cold Plasma on Total Phenol, Antioxidant Activity and Colour Degradation Kinetics of Red Chilli Pepper Powder
Author Name Sasireka Rajendran

The study was aimed to analyse the effect of low pressure cold plasma treatment [operated at 60.8 kPa on the quality parameters of red chilli pepper powder (RCPP)]. The experiments were conducted at two radio frequency power levels (60 W, 120 W) over a time range from 0 to 10 min. Total phenols, antioxidant activity, colour, and moisture content were determined. Results showed that radio frequency operating power and treatment time had significant negative effects (p < 0.05) on the quality parameters analysed. Cold plasma treatment reduced the redness, total phenol content, moisture content, and increased the antioxidant activity of the RCPP. Changes in the quality of the treated samples, especially the colour degradation were significant after 4 min of treatment. Degradation kinetics was determined for parameters studied to ascertain their order of reaction during cold plasma treatment. The order of reaction was decided from best fit models with the highest R2, minimum bias, and error sum of squares. Total phenol followed a zero-order, whereas antioxidant activity and colour followed first-order reactions. The study explored the possibilities and impact of using cold plasma for powdered food materials.

Keyword Cold plasma , colour degradation , red chilli pepper , antioxidant activity , degradation kinetics ,
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