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Title Potential of Pine Needle Biomass as an Alternative Fuel to Mitigate Forest Fire in Uttarakhand Himalayas - A Review
Author Name Padam Singh

Pine needle is a typical biomass which is abundantly available in Uttarakhand hills. This shredded biomass contributes significantly in forest fire occurring regularly in Uttarakhand. Different energy harnessing routes as direct combustion, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, gasification, and briquetting for pine needle were reviewed. These routes were further compared on the basis of energy consumption and energy efficiency of the processes as per the available literature. The review suggested that briquetting of pine needle and its anaerobic digestion are two most energy efficient methods having energy efficiency of 88% and 41.6%, respectively. The estimated energy required for briquetting of 1 ton pine needle was 1370.5 MJ, whereas for gasification it was 1170 MJ.

Keyword Briquetting , biomass , forest fire , gasification , energy efficiency , pine needle. ,
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