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Title Uniform Maturity of Groundnut Pods as Related to Groundnut Grader Design
Author Name R.B. Maravia

Groundnut pods after harvesting usually require processes such as threshing, grading and pneumatic conveying before consumption. The successful equipment designs for such processes require information on geometry and other physical properties of pods. About 200 measurements of individual pod volume and weight were made for five groundnut varieties to see if a groundnut grader consisting of just a sets of oscillating screens would be successful. The results presented in this communication indicate that it is, in general, not possible to successfully grade the pods with a set of oscillating screens unless the pods come from a uniformaly maturing variety. It is desired that the prospective groundnut varieties should yield uniformly matured pods to facilitate better and simple equipment design. The correlation coefficient between the pod weight and volume can serve as an index of the uniform pod maturity.

Keyword Groundnut pods , threshing , grading , groundnut grader ,
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