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Title Investigation of High Pressure Induced Inactivation of Peroxidase Enzyme in Sugarcane Juice: A Kinetic Study
Author Name P. Sreedevi

Enzymatic spoilage is a major issue during the processing of sugarcane juice. High-pressure processing of sugarcane juice was conducted within the domain of 300 – 600 MPa, in combination with temperatures (30-60°C) for dwell times ranging from 10-25 min. Thermal processing of sugarcane juice was performed in the temperature domain of 30- 60°C. The POD exhibited significant thermal resistance (47 % inactivation) at 60 °C/25 min. However, pressurization (600 MPa) at 60°C for 25 min resulted in a 92 % reduction in POD activity. High pressure-induced inactivation of POD in sugarcane juice fitted well with the first-order kinetics. The study suggested that inactivation of POD, which is one of the most thermal resistant enzymes in sugarcane juice, ensured the inactivation of all other oxidative enzymes in sugarcane juice.

Keyword Sugarcane juice , highpressure processing , thermal processing , peroxidase ,
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