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Membership of the Society shall be open to such individuals without distinction of sex, race or nationality and to such bodies who/which subscribe to the mission and objectives of the Society. 

Membership of the Society shall comprise of four categories of individual memberships and one category for bodies, and shall be as follows:

(a) Member: A graduate engineer or a diploma holder working in the field of agricultural, food, rural or biological engineering or a person working in agricultural engineering affiliated areas may be enrolled as an annual member by paying admission and membership fee. Subsequently, annual membership can be renewed by paying a membership fee only. The member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of a member as hereinafter prescribed.

(b) Life member: A graduate engineer or a diploma holder working in the field of agricultural, food, rural or biological engineering may be enrolled as a life member by paying a lump sum amount of admission and membership fee. The Life Member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of a member as hereinafter prescribed.

(c) Fellow: Any life member, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee has attained a position of eminence and/or who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of the Society, may be enrolled as a Fellow of the Society upon the recommendations of the “Committee for Fellows” appointed by the Executive Committee. The Fellow shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of a member as hereinafter prescribed.

(d) Student Member: Any person undergoing a course of study (degree or diploma in engineering), training or apprenticeship in Agricultural Engineering is eligible for Student Membership. The Student Member shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of a member as hereinafter prescribed, except the right to vote and the right to hold an elective office. Student membership shall not extend beyond 12 months after termination of studies in an educational institution.

(e) Corporate Member: A body pursuing engineering activities related to agriculture and allied fields is eligible for Corporate Membership by paying lump sum amount of admission and membership fee. The Corporate Member shall nominate one representative who shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of a member as hereinafter prescribed.

All members except Student Members and nominees of Corporate Members (Bodies) shall be entitled to use, after their name, the abbreviated designation as follows:

(a) Member MISAE

(b) Life Member LMISAE

(c) Fellow FISAE 


  • Application for admission to the membership of the Society can be submitted to an ISAE Chapter or its office in New Delhi. 
  • The membership period shall be dated as of the date of acceptance of the application. For annual membership the period shall be one year, after which it shall be renewed year after year. 
  • For a new admission, a prescribed admission fee shall be sent with the application. For the transfer of category, no admission fee shall be charged. The admission fee shall not be refundable. 
  • Members who discontinued may be allowed to be readmitted by paying an admission fee and for all practical purposes, he/she would be considered as a new member. The Committee may waive the admission fee in special cases of re-admission. 
  • The name of any member whose conduct has been found to be against the interest of the Society shall be removed from the rolls by the Committee but not before he has had an opportunity to explain his conduct and not until a resolution to this effect has been passed by at least 2/3rd majority of the members of the Executive Committee present in the meeting. 
  • A member of the Society ceases to be a member on (a) death, (b) resignation, (c) suspension owing to non-payment of dues, and (d) conduct prejudicial to the interest of the Society. 
  • The admission fee shall be chargeable at the initial admittance to the Society. 

Category of Membership

Membership fee

Admission/Re-admission fee






Life Member





Annual Member





Student Member (for four years)





Student Member (Annual)





Corporate Member






An annual member desirous of becoming a Life Member would be given a rebate of 50% of the total subscription paid by him on a continuous basis subject to a ceiling of Rs.1000.00. In such cases, he/she must make full payment within the financial year.


The members shall enjoy the following privileges:

(1) To attend and vote in all annual general body meetings.

(2) To introduce and second a candidate for any category of membership and move resolutions in the annual general body meetings.

(3) To receive publication(s) of the Society either free or at a reduced rate as determined from time to time.

(4) To have access to the library and other facilities of the Society.

(5) To hold any office of the Society on being duly elected/nominated.

(6) To get the benefit of reduced registration fees for conventions/ seminars/symposia, etc. organized by the Society.

(7) To use the abbreviated designation of an appropriate category of membership. 

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Join as Reviewer


      • A reviewer need to examine in details of the article as assigned for review by Chief-Editor or Publisher.
      • A reviewer needs to review minimum 3 articles in a calendar year.
      • Need to carefully examine as the manuscript as it is structured as per author guidelines.
      • Careful examination of aim and objectives of the work carried out.
      • Correctness of the conclusions, results and recommendations along with references.
      • Copyediting and proofreading in accordance with publishing standards of the manuscripts especially with grammar, punctuation and spelling.
      • Coverage areas of the manuscript in relevance with the scopes of journals.
      • A reviewer need to check Plagiarism related issues if any.
      • Reviewer need to give some suggestions based on the structure of the manuscript. In general, there is no limit for the maximum inputs.


      • A Reviewer will get prestigious professional recognition and will get a certificate and appointment of as reviewer which is a professional achievement.
      • A Reviewer will able to enhance knowledge and quality from various research work.


      • The post of a Reviewer is completely as honorarium and there will no remuneration provided for the job; however, publisher can provide special allowances for their quality services
      • This agreement may be terminated at any time if lack of mutual understanding on common aspects as per the policies of the publisher or repetitive unsatisfactory performance of the assigned work.
      • A Reviewer agrees to display the name and photograph and other contact details on the website of the site and hardcopy of the journal.
      • A Reviewer agreed to maintain publication ethics and will never disclose name of author, or will contact the author or details of the manuscript to any others except publisher.


      • Should be expertise and have experience in the specialist field related to the journal
      • Should have minimum 2 years of professional experience in research and publication with minimum 5 publications in peer reviewed journals.
      • Preferences will be given to personalities having enthusiasm to undertake the reviewer role, our Fellow members or Life Members.

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