Home Executive Council
o Name Position Mobile Email Image
1 Prof. Gajendra Singh Patron 9971087591 patron@isae.in prof.gsingh@gmail.com Prof. Gajendra Singh
2 Prof. Indra Mani President 9868656885 president@isae.in maniindra99@gmail.com Prof. Indra Mani
3 Dr. N C Patel Immediate Past President 998009960 past_president@isae.in ncpatel1956@gmail.com Dr. N C Patel
4 Dr. Y C Bhat Vice President (Activity Council) 9414168434 vicepresident_ac@isae.in drycbhatt@gotmail.com Dr. Y C Bhat
5 Dr. C R Mehta Vice President (Technical Council) 9425080627 vicepresident_tc@isae.in crmehta65@yahoo.co.in Dr. C R Mehta
6 Dr. Manoj Khanna Secretary General 09818403246 secretarygeneral@isae.in khanna_manoj2001@yahoo.com.au Dr. Manoj Khanna
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Susama Sudhishri Secretary-I 9971931921 secretary1@isae.in susama_s@rediffmail.com Dr. (Mrs.) Susama Sudhishri
8 Dr. Dilip Kumar Kushwaha Secretary-II 08826575860 secretary2@isae.in sdkkushwaha@gmail.com Dr. Dilip Kumar Kushwaha
9 Dr Arun Kumar T V Treasurer 8882090095 treasurer@isae.in Dr Arun Kumar T V
10 Dr. Jaskarn Singh Mahal Director (Farm Machinery & Power) 9501500367 director_fmp@isae.in jsmahal@pau.edu Dr. Jaskarn Singh Mahal
11 Dr. Manoranjan Kumar Director (Soil & Water Engineering) 9676771937 director_swe@isae.in manocrida75@gmail.com Dr. Manoranjan Kumar
12 Prof. Sanjaya K Dash Director (Processing , Dairy & Food Engineering) 9437205952 director_swe@isae.in skdash1006@gmail.com Prof. Sanjaya K Dash
13 Dr. Shyam Sunder Kapdi Director (Energy & Other Areas) 878828768 director_eo@isae.in ss_kapdi@rediffmail.com Dr. Shyam Sunder Kapdi
14 Prof. Shobh Nath Yadav Director (Membership & Public Relations) 9933469544, 8918633929 director_mpr@isae.in snyadavbpl@yahoo.com Prof. Shobh Nath Yadav
15 Dr. Adusumilli Mani Director (Education, Extension & Placement) 9989625205 director_eep@isae.in director.erep@isae.in Dr. Adusumilli Mani
16 Mr. Balchandra Babu Director (Business & Industry) 9840062049 director_bi@isae.in Balachandra.babu@gmail.com Mr. Balchandra Babu
17 Dr. Ganti S Murthy Director (International Cooperation) 67546789 director_ic@isae.in murthyg@oregonstate.edu Dr. Ganti S Murthy
18 Dr. Bhom Singh Deora Director (Awards) 9558807259 director_awards@isae.in deorabs@gmail.com Dr. Bhom Singh Deora
19 Dr Dipankar De Chief Editor (JAE) 09787897689 chiefeditor_jae@isae.in Dr Dipankar De
20 Dr D K Singh Chief Editor (AET) 09787897689 chiefeditor_aet@isae.in Dr D K Singh
21 Dr. R T Patil Editor, E-News Letter 8964030701 chiefeditor_enews@isae.in ramabhau@gmail.com Dr. R T Patil
22 Er. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava Director State Services 9452098211 director_eservices@isae.in neesriva@hotmail.com director_eservices@isae.in      neesriva@hotmail.com
23 Dr. Roaf Ahmad Parray Director E-Services 8130223438 director_eservices@isae.in ouf.engg@gmail.com Dr. Roaf Ahmad Parray

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