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Title Performance Assessment of Puri Main Canal Irrigation System, Odisha
Author Name J.C. Paul

This paper deals with evaluation of performance of water delivery system of Phiriphira distributary of Puri main canal in Mahanadi Delta irrigation command of Odisha. The performance parameters like adequacy, efficiency, equity and dependability were estimated and the results are discussed. The study was carried on considering various data including daily discharge and crop water requirement. The average values of efficiency parameter (0.76 to 0.81) indicate that water delivery system in the command is fair. Similarly the average estimated values of equity were obtained as 0.14 to 0.24 which says that in the canal section there is fairness in canal water delivery system. The average values of dependability were 0.31, 0.17 and 0.14 for head, middle and tail reach, respectively which indicates that the dependability of the system was poor in head reach whereas in Middle and tail reach, it was fair. On an average, there is fair distribution of canal water delivery system.

Keyword Canal , equity , efficiency , dependability ,
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