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Title Sustainable Water Resource Planning of Aunlajore Watershed Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System
Author Name J.C. Paul

Geospatial Techniques like Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques were used for water resource planning of Aunlajore micro-watershed in Sundergarh block of Sundergarh district, Odisha (India). Satellite imagery, toposheet together with field verification were used as the data source for the water resource planning. Thematic maps of land use/ land cover, slope and drainage using satellite imagery data and survey of India (SOI) toposheet were prepared and integrated all these maps under GIS environment to prepare the water resource management plans for the study area. Five number of farm ponds are proposed for water resource development of the microwatershed. Different soil and water conservation structures like four staggered trenches, three nos of loose boulder structures, four diversion bunds, four watershed pond, four water harvesting structures, one field bund and five percolation tanks are proposed in the water resource action plan for erosion control and groundwater recharge and overall development of water resource in the micro-watershed. The study will be helpful in identification of sites for construction of different soil and water conservation structures like water harvesting structures, check dams, farm ponds, percolation tanks, nala bunds etc. The study will be helpful in sustainable development of the natural resources including soil and water of the watershed with the proper implementation of the proposed action plans.

Keyword Remote sensing and GIS , Sustainable development , Land use , Land cover , Arc-GIS ,
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