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Title Design and Development of Bamboo Polyhouse as Entrepreneurship Model of Nutri-Garden
Author Name Dnyaneshwar Sanap

Agriculture directly connects with nutrition. Despite substantial increase in agriculture productivities, malnutrition prevails. The reason lies in the ‘hidden hunger’ or micro-nutrient deficiencies, which can be fulfilled by increasing dietary diversity. Various organizations promote kitchen garden / Nutri-Garden to achieve the minimum dietary diversity. The design, structural analysis, construction details, and performance analysis of a bamboo-polyhouse to support a Nutri-garden are reported. ETABS software was used to evaluate stability to withstand wind up to 36 m.s-1. The maximum temperature difference (inside and ambient) of 1.6 o C was observed in the naturally ventilated polyhouse structure when the top vent was open. Production data of vegetables produced and sold in nearby markets indicated a payback period of 2.41 years. The technical solution developed and demonstrated on farmers’ field to obtain year-round production of fresh vegetables for the nutrition of family and revenue after selling marketable surpluses is a solution that awaits further dissemination. The potential of large-scale adoption of bamboo polyhouse for Nutri-gardens as an entrepreneurship route by small farmers can be explored through support from existing government programmes.

Keyword Nutri-Garden , bamboo-polyhouse , structural analysis , entrepreneurship model , dietary diversity ,
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