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Title Development and Evaluation of Earthworm-cum-compost Separator
Author Name Shoaib Amin

A manually operated earthworm-cum-compost separator was designed, developed, and evaluated. The machine consisted of a separating unit, collecting tray, feed hopper, operating handle, sieving unit, and transporting wheels in order to separate the compost and earthworms from the compost material of vermin-culture. The rotating action of the cylinder caused the compost present in the vermi-culture to get separated at the sieving unit on the basis of size and the difference in specific gravity of clods and earthworms causing their separation at the discharge flume of the machine. The separator functioned properly as there was no damage caused to the earthworms. The throughput capacity, compost separation efficiency, earthworm separation efficiency, and overall efficiency were 600 kg.h-1, 88.25%, 96.02% and 84.54%, respectively, at 20.47% (w.b.) moisture contents of vermicast, 23 rpm cylinder speed, and 9° cylinder inclination angle.

Keyword Earthworm separator , compost separator , compost separation efficiency , earthworm separation efficiency , vermicast ,
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