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Title Application of nanotechnology in farm power, machinery and operations: a review
Author Name Mukesh Jain

Farm Machinery and Power Engineering is one of the major discipline of agricultural engineering which deals with the mechanization of agricultural operations. Farm machinery includes simple farm tools like sickle, spade etc. to complex machines like laser land leveller, combine harvesters etc., whereas farm power deals with the prime mover required to operate different tools/implements/machinery like electric motor, diesel engine, tractor, power tiller etc. In this review paper, an attempt has been made to explore the possibility of using the nanotechnology in the development of agriculture machinery and various prime movers to enhance the performance parameters in terms of increased strength of various components, enhanced wear and corrosion resistance etc. The nanomaterials which can be harnessed to reduce the wear of various components have been outlined. Potential aspects of nanomaterials and nanocoating in the engine components and tractors for improving their efficiency in terms of weight, cost and lifetime; nano-emulsions and nano-particles in diesel fuel for manipulating the combustion and emission characteristics; nano-lubricants for reduced friction; nano-filled friction materials for more coefficient of friction in clutch and brakes; nanoparticle embedment in the tyres for reduced rolling resistance and better traction. Nanocoatings are used in agricultural machinery for improved appearance, rust and corrosion prevention, weather resistance, thermal protection, extended service life, fewer breakdowns. Nanobatteries are also used for more powerful, smaller and lighter batteries and carbon nanotube membranes are used for better desalination of irrigation water. Nanofertilizers for ensuring higher nutrient use efficiency; smart sensors to detect and treat disease efficiently and effectively; nanotechnology to reduce weight, extend flight time and increase the durability of drones; classic nanostructures like carbon nanotubes (CNT) to make solar cells lighter, cheaper and more efficient etc. have been reviewed systematically for thorough understanding and adoption.

Keyword Nanotechnology , nano-emulsion , nano-lubricant , nanofertilizer , drones ,
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