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Title Development of Decision Support System for Designing the Layout of Grain Storage Warehouse
Author Name Anarase Dattatray Arjun

A decision support system (DSS) was developed for designing the layout of grain storage warehouses by considering the requirements of engineers, students, academicians, and grain storage agencies. A computer programme was written using the integrated development environment (IDE) of Visual Basic 6.0 programming. Expertise and knowledge base required for designing the layout was established by conducting a survey of commercial food grain warehouses in the state of Haryana. Algorithm for layout design was developed based on the specifications of surveyed warehouses and guidelines given in IS 607 and IS 16,144. Graphic user interface (GUI) of decision support system was designed for accepting input fields from the users, and to generate the specifications along with the layout plan of warehouse. Output specifications generated by computer programme were validated against the surveyed and standard specifications.

Keyword Grain storage , warehouse , layout design , computer programme , decision support system , graphic user interface ,
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