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Title Research requirement of agricultural engineering sector and formulation of new scheme at national level
Author Name R. Murugesan

Application of engineering in agriculture is getting momentum all over the world due to its long term benefit solution to the farming community besides attainment of sustainability in agriculture. Migration of people from agriculture to urban areas is inevitable due to socio economic changes. Application oriented agricultural engineering research is imperative for maximizing the input use efficiency, reducing post harvest losses, increasing the value addition of different agricultural produce, better utilization of agricultural waste for increasing the organic matter content of soil, promoting the utilization of solar energy in agriculture and thus increase the net income of the farmers. To retain the soil, water and youth in agriculture, agricultural engineering comprising of soil and water conservation, water management, farm machinery and power, post-harvest technology and value addition and agro energy activities in a dovetailed manner with a watershed approach shall be formulated at National level to retain the valuable soil and water resources besides encouraging youth to take up farming as a remunerative activity.

Keyword A g r i c u l t u r a l e n g i n e e r i n g , Mechanization , Value addition , emerging research ,
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