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Title Comparative evaluation of actual evapotranspiration of capsicum inside and outside of naturally ventilated polyhouse
Author Name Dimple

 This study was conducted to study the relationship between capsicum crop evapotranspiration inside (ETCin) and crop evapotranspiration outside (ETCout) the naturally ventilated polyhouse (NVPH) using meteorological parameters. Polyhouse has a straightway impact on air temperature and relative humidity while it indirectly influences soil temperature and soil moisture inside the structure. Under this study, crop evapotranspiration was estimated by conventional method i.e., obtaining reference evapotranspiration from weather data recorded inside the polyhouse and multiplying it with crop coefficient values of capsicum crop. Reference crop evapotranspiration inside and outside the polyhouse found as 745.19 mm and 590.22 mm, respectively whereas capsicum crop evapotranspiration inside and outside the polyhouse was 868.40 mm and 694.16 mm, respectively. The results of the study revealed that the relationship between weekly ETCin and ETCout can be expressed mathematically as ETCin = 0.84 ETCout. This implies that, there was approximately 15 % lower crop evapotranspiration requirement for the capsicum crop inside the naturally ventilated polyhouse as compared to outside the polyhouse.

Keyword Naturally ventilated polyhouse , Reference evapotranspiration , Crop coefficient , Crop evapotranspiration. ,
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