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Title An instrumentation system for monitoring field performance of agricultural tractor under ballasting and non-ballasting conditions
Author Name Sanjeev Kumar

An instrumentation system was developed and installed on 39 kW agricultural tractor to conduct field performance test of tractor-implement system. The system was intended to be used for compilation of a database for draft requirement of tillage implements. The installed instrumentation on tractor was designed to measure compression and tensile forces of three-point linkage to calculate draft; pulse counter to measure forward speed; depth of the implement and fuel consumption. Microprocessor-based data acquisition system of SoMatEDAQ was linked to –computing device using suitable transducers for recording of field data. Developed instrumentation system was validated in laboratory conditions and field performance parameters were evaluated using 2-bottom and 3-bottom reversible mould board plough under-ballasted and non-ballasted conditions. It was observed that 1–3% less fuel was consumed with 230 kg ballast weight on rear wheels as compared to non-ballasted wheels.

Keyword Tractor ballasting , drawbar power , fuel consumption , slip ,
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