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Title Studies on Operational Frequencies of Controls on Self-propelled Combine Harvesters in India
Author Name Prabhakar Shukla

A study was conducted to measure the operational frequencies of various controls on self-propelled combine harvesters and to categorize them into frequently and infrequently operated controls. The operational frequency of controls on 10 combine harvesters of different makes and models were measured during harvesting of wheat crop. The frequency of use of frequently operated controls viz. header assembly control lever, ground speed control lever, gear shift lever, brake pedal, and clutch pedal ranged 232-484, 43-170, 41- 135, 42-140, and 66-162 action.h-1, respectively. The percent time distributions of operation of controls were 44.84, 13.40, 12.21, 13.10, and 16.42%, respectively. The controls on the combine harvesters used repetitively that require high level of human effort. Therefore, to accommodate 90% of user population, the most frequently operated controls should preferably be placed in the optimum reach zone, and infrequently used controls can be conveniently placed within maximum reach zone of operators’ reach envelope

Keyword Combine harvester , controls , operational frequency , operator , reach zone ,
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