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Title Performance Analysis of 3 kWp Rooftop Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic System in an Urban House of Southern India
Author Name V. Karuppasamy Vikraman

Energy performance of a 3 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on the roof of an urban house in Coimbatore, India was evaluated. Performance indices as electricity output, system yields, performance ratio, system efficiency, and capacity factor were assessed from January 2017 to December 2017. The rooftop PV system supplied 4047 kWh of electricity to the grid during the year 2017 with a monthly average electricity output of 337.25 kWh. Annual average final yield compared with different PV systems in India was found to be 3.7 h.day-1. The analysis showed that the average PV system efficiency was 10.94 per cent. The performance ratio and capacity factor of the PV system were 0.72 and 15.41 %, respectively. The results could be used as a benchmark for the evaluation of photovoltaic systems in regions with similar climate.

Keyword PV electricity , grid-connected PV system yields , system efficiency , capacity factor ,
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