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Title Estimating Harvestable Days for Sorgum Using a Field Grain Moisture Model
Author Name Surya Nath

Various agricultural operations are involved in the production system of a cereal crop. Until the crop reaches maturity, its growth is mainly a physiological process. Once the crop has matured, recovery of grain from the field is the main consideration of the farmers. As weather is beyond the control of man, an attempt to accommodate the harvest schedule with favourable weather conditions is very desirable. Since grain sorghum is grown throughout the world, estimating the harvestable days after the crop is matured is very valuable from managerial point of view. This paper deals with work carried out in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.A. The field grain moisture model developed by Nath and Johnson has been briefly described and procedure has been detailed as to how predictions can be made during harvest season. The study relates to the sorghum crop for Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.A. Considering 12 percent moisture content as the prevailing equilibrium field grain-moisture and that the farmer will complete harvest by the time the grain reaches 12 percent moisture, the number of days to harvest the crop has been estimated/rom the model. Such predictions using the model is limited to the range of 30 percent to 12 percent, but this is a fa irly wide range of moisture considering harvesting. The probability of rain (0.1, 0.2 and 0.5 inch) during these predicted harvestable days has also been presented for Mahattan using probabilities for sequences of wet and dry days in Kansas developed by Feyerherm ond Bark1 Finally readymade tables are presented using an interval of 3 days and illustrating the availability of the number of harvestable days.

Keyword moisture prediction , sorghum , grain moisture model , feyerherm bark , ,
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