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Title Solar Appliances for Rural India
Author Name S. S. Tomar

Today we are living in the era of modern science and technology through which several new machines and equipment have been successfully developed for the betterment of the human civilization in future. Since the beginning of time, the sun has been providing almost all of man's energy requirements directly or indirectly. The chemical reactions which formed coal, petroleum, and gas (fossil fuels) were stimulated millions of years ago by the sun. The sun's heat constantly evaporates the earth's water· which return to the earth as rain to feed the streams and rivers. These, in turn, are .used in the hydro-electric plants. The sun interacts with the earth's atmosphere to produce winds which powers the windmills. The search for cheaper and easily available sources (renewable energy sources) is being continued. Sone of these sources are solar, wind and biogas

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