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Title Laboratory Estimation of Bio-crude Production Potential from Selected Agricultural Residues
Author Name K.Nithiya

Pyrolysis is a better option for effective utilisation of surplus biomass and its utilization to liquid fuels. In this study, the technique of fast pyrolysis was adopted for the production of bio-crude from selected biomaterials viz. rice husk, coir pith, saw dust, cotton stalk, red gram stalk, groundnut shell and maize cob. Bio-crude production was done in a lab-scale fixed-bed pyrolytic system at six different temperatures (350°C, 400°C, 450°C, 500°C, 550°C and 600°C). Bio-crude yield was obtained in the range of 28 % to 52 %, and groundnut shell pyrolyzed at 550°C gave maximum percentage of bio-crude. The viscosity, pH, density, specific gravity, calorific value, flash point and fire point of bio-crudes were evaluated using standard methods.

Keyword bio-crude , agricultural residues , groundnut , shell , maize cob ,
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