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Title Optimisation of Pedal Power Output and Pedalling Rate Based on the Physiological Response of Male Agricultural Worker
Author Name V. V. Aware

Human power can be better utilised in rotary mode either by cranking or by pedalling. In occupational workload, pedalling is preferred over cranking as the former results less physiological cost. The present study aimed to determine the most economical pedalling rates at various power outputs as well as to arrive at the optimum power output and pedalling rate combination. Ten male subjects participated as replications with two independent parameters viz. power output (4 levels) and pedalling rate (5 levels). Three physiological parameters viz HR, OCR and ?HR were studied. It was observed that all physiological parameters initially decreased, and then increased following a curvilinear relationship with respect to pedalling rate for all power outputs. The limiting power output for male agricultural workers was about 60 W in pedalling mode with pedalling rate 60 rpm. The HR, ?HR and OCR at this power–pedalling rate combination were 116 beats.min-1, 33 beat.min-1 and 0.8 l.min-1, respectively.

Keyword pedal power output , male agricultural worker , curvilinear , ,
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