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Title Effect of Baking Temperature and Oil Content on Quality of Finger Millet Flour Cookies
Author Name Shrikant Baslingappa Swami

Finger millet flour along with other ingredients were used to develop cookies using varied oil content (30, 35 and 40 %), baking temperature (180, 200 and 220°C) and time intervals keeping other ingredients (baking powder 0.7%, sugar 30%, vanilla flavour 2 %) constant. The prepared cookies were tested for adjudging it’s textural (mainly hardness), colour and baking time. Sensory analysis of prepared cookies by nine-point hedonic scale indicated that the overall acceptability (colour, texture and flavour) of the cookies prepared with temperature at 200°C and 30 % oil content was more than the other samples.

Keyword Cookie , baking , finger millet flour ,
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