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Title Puffing Characteristics of Preconditioned Pressure Parboiled Brown (Unpolished) Rice in Microwave Oven and Optimization of Process Parameters
Author Name Ajay Kumar Swarnakar

Puffed rice is prepared in India by roasting of parboiled preconditioned polished rice in hot sand bed. Polishing of rice takes time, decreases the head rice yield, nutrition, and increase the cost. Other methods used for rice puffing as hot air puffing, gun puffing are costly, and produce bulk quantity of puffed rice. Bulk production adds transportation and storage cost, and also increase the chances of sogginess. Microwave puffing of brown rice was attempted to provide an option for nutritious, and hygienic puffed rice. Full factorial design was chosen for experiment with three levels of microwave power (800, 900 and 1000 W), and four levels (20, 25, 30 and 35 s) of heating time. It was observed that microwave power and heating time had significant effect on quality (puffing percentage, expansion ratio, whiteness index, hardness) characteristics. Optimized conditions were found at 900 W microwave power for 35 s of heating for puffing of preconditioned brown rice in microwave oven. Puffing percentage, expansion ratio, whiteness index and hardness of microwave puffed brown rice at optimum conditions were 57.44%, 5.34, 58.31 and 11.28 N, respectively.

Keyword Microwave puffing , brown rice , puffed brown rice ,
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