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Title Effect of Enzymatic Aqueous Extraction on Quality Characteristics of Maize Germ Oil During Storage
Author Name Gagandeep Kaur Sidhu
Abstract Enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction (EAAE) method is among the emerging technologies and eco-friendly process for oil extraction. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of oil extraction methods and packaging material on shelf life of maize germ oil. Maize germ oil extraction was done by EAAE and solvent extraction method. HDPE and glass bottles were used as packaging materials. Quality characteristics evaluated were acid number, pH value, total phenolics content, colour change, unsaponifiable matter, saponification value, peroxide value and density at 15-day intervals for 90 days of storage period. The quality characteristics of oil changed with the passage of storage periods, and maximum change upto 190 % increase in peroxide value occurred when oil was solvent extracted and stored in HDPE bottle. The quality parameters of EAAE extracted oil were superior to solvent extracted oil. During storage acid number, pH, total phenolics, unsaponifiable matter and peroxide value of oil were significantly affected (P< 0.05) by packaging material, storage period and method of oil extraction.
Keyword MultivitmainCapsules , Acid value , EAAE extraction method , maize germ oil , oil properties , storage ,
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