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Title Performance Evaluation of Sensor Controlled Seed Metering Mechanism for Check Row Planting
Author Name Manjunath

Planting is one of the critical farm operations affecting production and productivity of crops. Check row planting involving equal row to row and plant to plant spacing allows bidirectional weeding, better aeration and sunlight to plants and thus increased crop yield. A sensor based seed metering mechanism was developed for check row planting in which seed from the seed box was fed to the seed metering plate and pushed to seed tube by rotation of seed metering rotor. The seed metering rotor was driven by the stepper motor. The ground wheel of seed drill was replaced with LIDAR proximity sensor. The developed metering system was evaluated at for three check row spacings (30×30 cm, 40×40 cm and 50×50 cm) with two rotor materials (polyurethane rubber and polyurethane foam) and at three forward speeds 0.5, 0.65 and 1.3 kmph. The mean value of plant to plant spacing of 39.76 cm was found very close to the theoretical spacing of 40 cm at 0.65 kmph for polyurethane rubber seed metering plate. The highest quality of feed index 85.94% was observed at 0.65 kmph for polyurethane rubber rotor material at a check row spacing of 40×40 cm. Overall, the sensor controlled seed metering mechanism performed better with polyurethane rubber as rotor material at lower speeds irrespective of spacing

Keyword LIDAR , check row , seed metering rotor , stepper motor ,
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