Journal of Agricultural Engineering

Title : Mechanized Planting of Carrot Seeds on Beds

Author Name : Manjeet Singh, T. S. Dhillon, I. S. Hundal, G. S. Manes and Karun Sharma

Journal Volume : Vol. 54 (4): October-December, 2016

Abstract : Tractor operated inclined plate bed planter with total width of 2300 mm was used to plant carrot seed. Field trials on sowing of carrot seed were conducted using broadcasting, ridge and mechanical bed planting methods. Field capacity of mechanical method of planting was higher (0.5 ha.h-1) as compared to 0.25 ha.h-1 and 0.02 ha.h-1 with the broadcasting and ridge methods, respectively. Seed rate requirement using machine was 6.9 kg.ha-1 as compared to 18.75 kg.ha-1 with broadcasting. The plant population of mechanical planting was higher (5.25x105 ha-1) as compared to 4.0x105 ha-1 and 4.38x105 ha-1 by ridge and broadcasting methods, respectively. Root weight/yield of crop planted with machine was significantly higher (69.3 t.ha-1) as compared to 51.75 t.ha-1 and 48.38 t.ha-1 obtained by ridge and broadcasting methods, respectively. Total planting cost of mechanical planting was lesser (4578 `.ha-1) as compared to 11218 `.ha-1 and 38828 `.ha-1 with broadcasting and ridge methods, respectively. Total cost saving with carrot planter was 56 % and 87%, respectively, as compared to broadcasting and ridge planting methods. Break even point of carrot planter was 50 ha.yr-1 with payback period of 50 ha use of the planter.