Journal of Agricultural Engineering

Title : Compatibility Analysis of Control Arrangement for Some Indian Tractors

Author Name : Saumya Shukla and R. Yadav

Journal Volume : Vol. 54 (4): October-December, 2017

Abstract : A good tractor design requires that important controls are easily accessible to the operator. Tractor operator controls within the workplace should be conveniently and logically located, and the workplace should fit both tall and short operators. The design parameters of the tractor workplace configuration were determined by using anthropometric dimensions of male tractor operators of Gujarat region. The locations of different tractor seat and control locations were calculated considering the biomechanical and anthropometric measurements. Studies on evaluation of the design location of controls resulted in steering column angle of 65⁰ with horizontal, foot pedals distance of 875 mm from SRP and the draft control lever distance of 286 mm from SRP. Compatibility analysis was done with five Indian tractors. It was found that the workplace dimensions of selected tractors varied widely with the design values.